Prestige Motorsports: Concord, North Carolina

About Us

Prestige Motorsports Concord NC

Prestige Motorsports is a performance shop located in Concord, North Carolina. We offer custom built stroker engines, performance upgrades for all types of vehicles, car building and restoration services, and paint and body work.
Owner: Doug Aitken
Location: 5110 Davidson Highway
Telephone: 704-782-7170
Hours of Operation: Weekdays, 9AM to 6PM


We truly believe in the value of Prestige Motorsports Engines. We earn your business by building and delivering top quality products that perform at the highest level. We are willing to prove that value is not determined solely by the price paid for a product. Value includes how well a product performs, how reliable it is throughout its lifespan and the customer service and support that backs it up.


We use and sell components that we have found, through our years of experience, to be the highest quality and most reliable for each given application. We take pride in the quality of our work and never cut corners.


We work with suppliers to design and select components that perform at the highest level for each individual application. We are always working to improve our entire line of engines so that we can offer the best performance possible. We are committed to delivering the performance we promise. We refuse to make inflated performance claims. The numbers we advertise are accurate, and we will not ship an engine until it meets or exceeds those standards.


We have an experienced and knowledgeable staff who are committed to offering the best service and advice possible. They work with customers to select exactly the right products for their performance needs and goals. They also answer questions to help customers get the most out of their engines and components.