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Installation Information

Transmission Torque Converter Installation Video

Transmission / Torque Converter Installation: Walks you through the proper steps and procedures for making sure your transmission, torque converter, and flex plate are installed correctly. We will discuss the most common things to check for and how to remedy any problems you may encounter. The procedures can be followed on all makes.

Choosing a Crate Engine

Engine Series Video

Three Engine Series: This video explains the three different series of engines that Prestige Motorsports offers, and the importance of the quality parts we use. Making sure you understand what you are getting is as important to us as it is to you!

Crate Engine Education

Crate Engine Education: Highlights important aspects of purchasing a new crate engine and questions you should be asking: Is the engine dyno tested? Are you willing to compare part for part and labor for labor? Does the company offer a waranty?

Comparing Crate Engines Vidoe

Comparing Engines: Explains a few areas that puts Prestige Motorsports' crate engines a notch above the rest. Ask the questions and get the answers. Compare engines part for part with other builders.

Engine Assembly

Engine Assembly Steps

Engine Assembly Steps: Video illustrating the various steps that need to be taken to build a powerful and reliable engine combination. Prestige Motorsports builds engines for a variety of street and offroad uses, but the process is always the same. Every engine goes through hours of precise machining, cleaning, quality checks, and strategic assembly.

Port Job and Dyno Test Video

Ported Cylinder Head and Dyno Test: Close up views of ported aluminum heads and Victor Jr manifold done by LJ at Prestige Motorsports. Concludes with the 418 Ford stroker on the dyno.

Theory of Operation

Camshaft Overlap Scavenge Effect Vidoe

Overlap and Exhaust Scavenging: Camshaft overlap and exhaust scavenging are illustrated and explained.